"The fact is, we replace outdated tape based systems with our own digital IT base recording systems in the industry. And as FOTON Team, we are very proud of where we have been , and excited about where we are going...", says Mr. Süleyman GÜL, Genaral Manager, FOTON. continue

With the our well-experienced team in GSM field, bringing a fresh new approach to Mobile Business in Turkey. continue

Find out why you should contact us for your m-business project, or what we can provide you to make you carry out "Better Business!" continue

FOTON R&D Team announces to develope digital video recording products with combining the industry needs and technlogical improvements. In a short period of time you will not only listen to but also see the owner of the voices by means of our video recording solutions which we will be offering sooncontinue

FOTON tells "how GSM/GPRS/GPS modules help vehicle and traffic management" to
Turkey market continue